Anesthetic Safety

Alpine Veterinary Hospital Anesthetic Safety in your pet at Cabin John, MD

If our doctors recommend surgery, you can feel comfortable knowing that our hospital only administers anesthesia in the utmost safe and cautious manner. Your pet's safety and comfort are always our primary concerns whenever anesthesia is involved. We tailor the pain management plan to the needs of the patient.

Pre-surgical blood work is recommended for all pets receiving general anesthesia, which provides a vital check on the health of a patient and determines whether they are an appropriate candidate for surgery. Testing allows us to diagnose and treat previously undetected medical problems and also can assist us in determining the appropriate anesthetic. Depending on the urgency of the condition, abnormalities are addressed, drug selections are modified and in some cases surgeries may be delayed or even canceled if the veterinarian deems necessary. Our veterinarians adjust the anesthetic procedure to fit the needs of each patient.